The stock market has been on a tear since the end of the Great Recession.

It has doubled in value since the beginning of the year, and its run-up is now in its fourth quarter, with gains of more than $3.2 trillion.

But the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has gained over 4,000 points in the past two months, has fallen a staggering 8.8% since the start of the quarter.

The S&P 500 is down 3.7%.

The Nasdaq has lost over 1,200 points in its past five days.

The NASDAQ is down nearly 12% over the same period.

All of this is not to mention that the economy is still struggling to get back on its feet after the last recession.

This is one of the reasons why it is not a good time to be buying the stock market.

Here are a few ways to avoid the stock markets worst fear: 1.

Invest in stocks that are trading at lower valuations than they were a year ago, like the S&amps and the Dow. 


Look for companies that are growing faster than the industry as a whole. 


Avoid buying companies that trade on a volatile day like the Nasdaq. 


If you are willing to trade stocks on a daily basis, buy the stocks that have been rising. 


If it’s a long-term investment, you should look for companies with multiple dividend payments, like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Airbnb. 


Be patient, as long as you are able to find the right investment. 


Never bet against yourself.


The stocks that you should not buy are the ones that are not going to outperform the market in the long run.


Know when to leave the market and when to sell. 


Always check the price.

Read more here: Investing in stocks at $5K is a risky and unprofitable investment.

Here’s how to avoid that mistake.

Sources: Associated Press, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal,

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