The Dallas Mavericks traded two stars for an international star and a pair of international prospects.

But the trade came with an ugly price tag: The Mavericks traded a first-round pick for two second-rounders and a third-rounder in 2018.

The Mavericks’ first-rounder was worth $1.3 million, the Mavericks’ second-rounder is worth $7.3 m, and the Mavericks third-rounder is worth nearly $13.5 m.

The pick, a forward from Belgium, was the Mavericks second-overall pick and was the pick the Mavericks received in the trade.

It is now a protected first- and second-year player option for 2021-22.

It’s a pick the Mavs traded for.

It may not sound like much, but it’s worth $17.4 million.

The value of the pick is $13,5m if it were traded for another first- or second- and third-year international player.

The trade is a first for the Mavericks and second for the Cavaliers.

The Dallas Cowboys were able to acquire a second-best international prospect in the 2018 NBA draft, a big man from Italy, for $15 million.

This is a very different deal.

The Cavaliers got a player in the top-15 of a top-10 draft class, which includes seven of the top 10 picks, for nothing.

The Cowboys got a future first-and-second-rounder for nothing at all.

The Mavss deal is a huge win for the Cavs, who were able in the past year to acquire some quality international talent for their first-year deals.

Now the Cavaliers have to decide whether to sign the young man who is a potential All-Star or to sign a future top-five prospect.

The two-year deal with the MAVs was a bargain.

They got a top prospect for nothing, and that’s not a great trade for the franchise.

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