Fidelity’s latest trading app, Futures Trading, is the latest in a line of iOS trading apps, and is now available for the Apple Watch.

Fidelity is offering Futures to investors on iOS and Android.

Futures will be available in a handful of cities across the country starting on July 1, and will be offered as both an app and an app on the Apple Store.

FSU students can sign up for Futures in order to get a discount on their fees, according to Fidelity.

It is not yet clear how many of Fidelity students will be able to participate in the program, although Fidelity said it hopes to launch it in the next couple of weeks.

FTSE is also offering Futured, a free app for iOS and an Android phone, which will be similar to FTS.

Futured allows users to purchase stocks from the market, track their performance and compare their portfolio with other investors, according the app’s description.

It will be updated with daily and weekly stocks, as well as other market data. 

Futured has received mixed reviews.

One investor posted on the app, saying, “Futures is an excellent investment app but it has a lot of problems, and Fidelity should not have chosen to develop it for the Watch.” 

Another reviewer, “I do not recommend Futures as a smart financial device for students as they should be working towards a career, not a smart trading device for them.

The price of the app is very high and the features are not very good.”

Fidelity has said that Futured will allow students to “learn about and manage a portfolio of stocks,” and to “make a better investment decision” than they would be able if they were “just a regular stock trader.” 

Fidelity said the company will be “working hard to improve the app over the next few months to ensure it is as good as possible.” 

“Fidelity’s new Futures trading app delivers the best experience for Fidelity customers and investors in the app,” said Jim Pascucci, chief executive officer of FTS EMEA. 

“We will be working closely with our partners at Fidelity to improve Futures for the benefit of all investors.

Futurs is a powerful new app that is well suited for both students and investors.

We look forward to delivering a high quality product to FFS customers as soon as possible and to all our FFS partners.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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