The most common misconception about equities is that they are a great place to trade your way out of a market correction.

It is a misconception that is perpetuated by the media.

But when the markets collapse, there’s nothing you can do to reverse it.

And if you try, the worst-case scenario is for the market to crash again, and that can be disastrous for anyone who has been following the market over the past few years.

And that’s where the notion of “the bubble” comes into play.

The term was coined by New York City-based investor and former Wall Street Journal reporter Dan Loeb in a 2015 article titled “Why It’s So Hard to Trade in a Bubble.”

As Loeb put it, “a bubble is when the market is so big that it is impossible for a reasonable investor to get a reasonable price.”

Loeb explained that he was inspired by the story of a woman who was losing money trading in a stock bubble.

She lost her home, and had to sell her apartment, which she was able to do without the help of a broker, and without losing a penny.

And when the bubble popped, the woman realized that she had to move to a new apartment, as well.

But as she moved to the new building, she found out that the brokers who had been helping her with her investments were all gone.

The reason, Loeb wrote, was that the stocks in her apartment building were going up.

This was a situation that she didn’t know about, and she didn.

It’s a bubble.

And the media, especially the media that is the mouthpiece for Wall Street, tends to make it sound like stocks are a safe haven, when in reality, they are.

Loeb’s point was that even in a crisis, it’s still possible to get good returns in the stock market.

For example, when stocks are booming, people often take their money to other places, such as other stocks.

But they usually won’t put it in a safe-haven account like an ETF, because there’s a high chance that those funds are losing money.

So investors who have made money from the stock markets often take that money to the U.S. and the rest of the world, hoping to buy the stocks that are going up, because the stock prices are up there.

But the problem is that stocks are not a safe place to invest.

For one thing, stocks are subject to the vagaries of supply and demand, and demand can be high or low.

So, even if there is a huge amount of demand for a stock, there could be very little supply of that stock, because demand tends to be higher when there is more demand.

And this is a problem that stock brokers are well aware of, and so they try to make sure that they have a sufficient supply of stocks.

Loeche said that he’s spoken with other investors who said they were able to make money trading stocks, but that it’s just too difficult to do so.

They said they found it extremely difficult to find a good spot on the stock exchange that would give them a decent return.

And they also said that the media often focuses on stocks that they know are going to go up, but don’t tell the people who are trading the stocks, because it could be the wrong direction to go in.

And these people don’t know anything about the stocks they’re trading.

And even if they know what a stock is worth, they’re not necessarily in a position to know what it’s going to be at the end of the day, and they’re very reluctant to invest in the stocks.

They’re scared of the future.

And Loeb says that there is another factor at work here, too.

The media is the biggest advocate of bubbles.

So it’s easier to buy a bubble than it is to sell it.

The mainstream media has always been the biggest booster of stocks, which is why stock prices tend to go through the roof during recessions.

But since the financial crisis, the media has also been pushing stock market strategies.

So stock prices have skyrocketed during the Great Recession, which was a real economic disaster, but has continued to do well.

And in the wake of the financial crash, the markets have been rallying, and this has been a massive boon for the media and the stock investors.

So now, they have an opportunity to sell off their stocks and invest in something else, such a hedge fund or a private equity fund, which can pay dividends and put money in their 401(k) accounts.

That could be a nice way to pay off the loans on your mortgage, which are not being repaid.

It could be an investment in real estate, or a company that’s trading in the futures market.

And all of these things could pay off handsomely.

But because these strategies are often driven by speculation, they can be risky and have a negative effect on the economy

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