The UK stock market fell more than 1% in the early hours of Tuesday, a sign of a “mini bubble” as investors rush to sell stocks amid worries of a new recession.

The S&P 500 index of top 500 companies fell 2.7% to 3,973.15.

The index is up more than 12% from the previous session and is now up more recently than at the start of the year.

S&amps stock market index fell 2,903.25 points to 4,094.07, a decline of 1,837 points or 0.4%.

The Nasdaq composite index fell 0.2% to 7,988.70.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.3% to 16,828.90.

“It’s a classic example of the way the market operates, where there is a lot of momentum and momentum tends to carry the day,” said Michael Pachter, head of macro research at the investment bank Jefferies in London.

“The market’s been down for three weeks and then the market started to bounce back.”

He said the biggest risk for investors is a further decline in consumer spending as the UK’s recovery from the Great Recession has slowed and the government is seeking to cut public spending.

“I’m not sure that we’re going to see a mini-bubble at this stage, but I think that there’s enough volatility to do a little bit of damage,” he said.

The sell-off comes as Prime Minister David Cameron prepares to make a big speech on the economy on Wednesday, warning that a “dramatic slowdown” will be in store for the UK as the recovery gets underway.

The Conservative Party is expected to say it will hold its election campaign to coincide with Mr Cameron’s speech, but has not ruled out holding a vote on Wednesday.

Investors have been anxious to get rid of the uncertainty created by the vote and have pushed stocks lower since the start.

The BBC’s James Reynolds in London says many investors believe the British economy is in a recession, and that the economy is heading for a major shock.

“There’s a lot going on,” he says.

“You have a lot more uncertainty about the next couple of years and a lot less certainty about what the economic outlook is going to be.”

Markets are down about 2% since last week’s Brexit vote, which sparked fears that Britain could be entering a recession.

Analysts say a recession is not inevitable, but the recent rally has been driven by a sharp drop in the price of the pound, which is still down nearly 4% against the US dollar since last September.

“If there is indeed a recession coming, the first thing that you want to do is to get your balance sheets in order and start to put more cash in and start investing,” said Pachster.

The drop in sterling has helped push the value of the UK economy lower.

A survey by Barclays said the British currency has fallen 4.4% against its US dollar this year.

“In other words, the UK is at its weakest since mid-2014,” said Barclays analysts.

“At the same time, the value in the UK of its national assets has fallen by 8.6% year-on-year and the value-weighted net worth of the British population has fallen 14.5% year on year.”

But the market is expected return to normal in the next two months.

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