The NFL has had its fair share of surprises this offseason, but none has been as startling as this: the NFL trading card game.

A week after a game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets, the NFL announced a card game that has been in the works for several months.

It was announced on Thursday, with NFL Network’s Stephen Nelson calling it the “game that’s got the most cards in it.”

Nelson said it’s not yet clear whether the game will be released for the entire season, but it’s certainly one that the NFL is happy to have a part in.

The NFL is not exactly the most well-known of the game, but with so many cards available, there’s no denying that there’s a ton of value to be had.

Players will be able to use their cards to score points, create special effects, or buy new ones.

The NFL is also releasing several cards, which are currently being sold on the NFL website for $0.99.

The game was first announced back in September, and the idea is to get a little game going in the NFL.

Nelson said there’s still a long way to go, but said the league hopes to have the game available in November.

While the game has been around for a while, Nelson said it has been a “huge, huge undertaking” to get it out there.

He also said the game is different from other trading card games because of the cards available.

The cards in the game have been carefully designed to have specific properties.

One of the most prominent is that the cards are not all interchangeable.

Some players like to be able for some cards to be better than others.

Nelson explained that’s why some cards will only be used in certain scenarios.

The team that owns the cards has the right to decide what’s considered good for the game.

But players who own the cards and want to use them in certain situations will need to sign a contract.

The idea is that if the players do sign a deal with the league, they’ll get a chance to use the cards in certain ways.

Nelson noted the cards can only be swapped out, not exchanged.

The trade cards also come with special effects.

Players can use the card to score special points or create effects, and a player can use their card to take a shot on a ball or in the air.

Players can also use the game to trade in cards that are in their own collection, such as in their office, at a store, or in a car.

Nelson did not elaborate on what the cards would be worth, but there’s likely a lot of value in them.

Nelson also mentioned that the card game could be a great way for fans to spend their own time.

He said fans could go online and search for a specific card or team.

Players also have the ability to purchase additional cards, like custom team designs, and other items like team apparel and other accessories.

The card game has also been a boon for players in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the game was originally scheduled to debut in October.

But the game could still be available later this year, Nelson noted.

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