Posted October 23, 2018 05:53:51The first thing I want to point out is that this was a really good month for CFDs trading.

There were a lot of strong gains in the CFDs space.

The price of the CIFS market went up a bit in December and was also quite strong in January.

On the other hand, there were a number of weak months and periods where the market seemed to go down.

This is a big reason why it was so good for CFD trading in December.

The market also seems to have been very resilient in the first part of 2018, which is why we saw so many strong returns from both stocks and bonds in December 2018. 

I have a couple of thoughts to share on the trading performance of CFDs during the first few months of 2018.

The first is that there was a lot going on in the markets.

There was a huge number of buy-backs in February and March, as well as a number more sell-backs.

These were good, if not great, signs of investors’ confidence in the market.

They were also the main reason that we saw the stock market outperform the CFDT in March.

The second reason is that we were seeing a lot more sell orders than buy orders.

In general, buy orders are very short-term.

They are usually a long-term move and the buy orders were often going to take several days to process.

The buy orders usually came from institutional buyers, but we also saw buy orders from retail investors and small businesses. 

The reason that the sell orders tended to go up in December was because we were also seeing a very large number of large buy orders in the trade. 

As you can see in the chart above, the total volume of buy orders was up by over 20 percent in December compared to December 2017. 

There was a much higher volume of sell orders in January and February, as you can imagine. 

These sell orders were also going to be used by the traders to buy some of the shares.

This helped drive up the price of CFD shares a bit more than the average amount. 

So, if you’re buying CFDs stocks and want to trade them, you are doing yourself a favor by buying them now.

The next big factor is that the CFDS market is not in the same price range as the CFSX.

There are a number factors that influence the CFDM.

The most important one is the difference between the two markets.

The CFSM is the most important CFDM, and that is why it has the largest market cap in the world.

The CFD market is a smaller market that is not as well-known.

The other major CFDM is the CFA market, which has a much smaller market cap and therefore a much larger volume of trades. 

Therefore, if the market is moving too slowly in the CDS market, the traders who are trading CFDs will be looking for CFDS stocks instead.

That means that they will be buying CFDS shares at a much lower price than the CFDRs. 

If the market does not move quickly enough, the CFDX will continue to be the top CFD for a long time. 

And if the CFDA markets price moves too fast, then the CFDJ will be the market leader for a very long time as well. 

When the CFDBs prices are in the mid-range, the market will go down quickly.

If the price goes too fast in the low-range markets, then it will stay in the high-range for a while. 

In the case of the CFADs, we see that the market moves in the opposite direction.

The prices of the two CIFs are very similar in terms of their volume.

In terms of volume, the average volume of the last few months was around $7 billion.

However, the volume of this month was much higher, around $35 billion.

This was a very strong sign that the volume is going to go higher in the coming months. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the other two CFD markets are also very similar.

In the case to the CFFD, the prices are a little higher than the market cap of the market, but in terms with the price moves, the price was around 20 percent higher in December than in December 2017, so the price is in the right direction. 

We also see that CFD has a huge market cap, which means that there are lots of people looking for a place to invest in the stock markets.

In addition, the large amount of demand for the stocks in the top 10 percent of the stocks is a huge incentive to buy shares in the index.

The bottom of the chart below shows the market capitalization of the top ten percent of all CFDs companies. 

Looking ahead, we will see how the market responds to these two new

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