Binary trading is an increasingly popular form of trading, and the new tool from Binary Trader aims to take the same concept to the next level.

Binary Trader is a trading platform that enables traders to use their existing binary trading platforms for their binary trading tasks.

The platform, which is currently in beta, allows traders to place binary trades on a variety of platforms such as stock exchanges, futures exchanges, and futures markets.

The beta version of Binary Trader includes support for several stock exchanges and a variety in different currencies.

It is currently only available in beta for U.S. users, but will expand to other markets in the coming months.

The beta features include: 1.

A live stock market view on the stock market dashboard 2.

Trading and buying prices and trade history 3.

Trading history and charts 4.

Trading stats 5.

Trading options and options duration 6.

Binary trading history 7.

Binary options options tracking 8.

Trading price and volatility charts 9.

Binary futures markets and options tracking 10.

Trading binary options with the ability to set multiple options for trading on a single platform 11.

Trading broker and trade desk support 12.

Support for binary trading with multiple trading platforms, as well as trading from a variety different platforms 13.

The ability to customize binary trading for a specific trade type 14.

Binary market tracking for binary traders 15.

New binary trading features including trade history, charts, and options data 16.

Additional trading features like trading binary options and binary futures in conjunction with futures, option, and index trading 17.

New trading tools including price, volatility, and volume charts for binary options trading 18.

Additional binary options options data and options trade history 19.

New options data including volume and price information for binary futures and option trading 20.

Trading from a large variety of brokers and options trading platforms 21.

Binary traders can also set their own trade expiration date to automatically adjust the time they need to wait before starting a new trading session 22.

Binary trade history for binary trades 23.

Binary option trading support 24.

The option trading platform for binary brokers and trading desk clients.


Options trading platform and option data for binary investors.


Binary derivatives trading platform 27.

Binary ETF trading platform 28.

Binary exchange trading platform 29.

Binary margin trading platform 30.

Binary portfolio tracking and trading platform 31.

Binary forward and reverse options trading platform 32.

Binary cash market and forward and back trading platform 33.

Binary cross-index and cross-exchange options trading 34.

Binary swap trading platform 35.

Binary swaps trading platform 36.

Binary contracts trading platform 37.

Binary currencies trading platform 38.

Binary stock exchange trading system 39.

Binary price and volume charting system 40.

Binary short and long position data and charts 41.

Binary asset class data for a wide range of asset classes 42.

Binary contract data for multiple asset classes 43.

Binary hedging data for an array of asset class pairs 44.

Binary hedge data for various asset classes 45.

Binary investment data for individual, multi-asset, and multiple asset class portfolios 46.

Binary valuation data for diversified portfolios 47.

Binary transaction data for the binary option trading platforms 48.

Binary volatility data for different asset classes 49.

Binary trend data for two- and three-year period 50.

Binary historical charting and historical data 51.

Binary charting data for historical periods and timeframes 52.

Binary ticker data for options trading and options volume data 53.

Binary symbol data for several asset classes 54.

Binary and binary binary trading options trading support for the stock, bond, and currency markets 55.

Binary binary futures market support for trading binary futures 61.

Binary multi-day binary trading data for multi-period binary options markets 62.

Binary three-day trading data in the futures markets 63.

Binary four-day and six-day markets 64.

Binary five-day, six- and seven-day futures markets 65.

Binary two-day or three-week binary trading markets 66.

Binary 10-day charting support for binary price and price movement data 67.

Binary 30-day benchmark data for three- and four-month period 68.

Binary 24-hour charting of daily price data 69.

Binary monthly benchmark data 70.

Binary weekly benchmark data 71.

Binary 12-month and quarterly benchmark data 72.

Binary quarterly benchmark of price and market movement data 73.

Binary daily price and stock trend data 74.

Binary month-end and yearly charting for binary volatility 75.

Binary time period data for specific time periods 76.

Binary one-year charting, including historical, binary, and binary-specific data for one- and two-year periods 77.

Binary hourly charting 78.

Binary yearly chart of price data 79.

Binary average price and trend data 80.

Binary six-month chart of daily prices 81.

Binary quarter-monthly chart of weekly prices 82.

Binary day-to-day prices 83.

Binary long-term chart of long- and short-term price movements 84.

Binary high-frequency charting 85. Binary

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