The Village Trading House is set to open for business in the city of Manchester, as the first of four new day trading businesses that will be built in the area.

The Manchester City Council has approved plans to develop the existing village trading hall into a full-fledged retail hub, with a number of new shops, restaurants and other services.

The council’s planning committee said it would be “very welcome” if the new trading houses opened and hoped that people would visit them, and for some to use them as a stopover before heading out to other parts of the city.

The village trading house will be the first full-scale retail business to be built within the town’s boundaries, which are located on the edge of the river.

The development will include a retail centre on the site of the former village trading building, with two new stores and a new restaurant on the ground floor.

The new shops will be owned by the owners of the original trading house, with their staff sharing the same building.

“We’ve had some positive feedback from residents and businesses who have visited,” said Maria Skelton, a spokesperson for the council.

“People have said they enjoy going to the shopping centre because of its unique shopping and dining facilities, as well as the friendly and friendly customers.”

There is also the opportunity to enjoy the community aspect of the site with community groups and people from the wider area.

“The council has approved a number a other development plans for the area, with some of the shops expected to open by the end of 2018.

The three existing trading houses have already been demolished, but the new businesses will also have a shop on the premises.

The new buildings will be designed to offer wider shopping space than the existing trading hall, with the new shops on top of the existing shop space.

The first of the new day traders, which will be based on the existing building, will open for service on February 17.

The first two traders are scheduled to open in October.

The city council is also working on plans for an entertainment centre, as part of a larger plan to redevelop the area into a new hub of tourism.

This will include several attractions including a theatre, a theatre and a cinema.”

I think that there is a lot of opportunity for the City of Manchester to create a vibrant entertainment district that is able to attract more people to the city,” Ms Skelman said.”

This is one of the reasons why we are also working with the City on an entertainment development, and that will include many entertainment venues, including theatres, cinema and other entertainment centres.” 

The Manchester Evening News

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