The Senate is full of people who want you to know something that’s not true, but don’t want to take the time to get to the bottom of it.

Here’s how insider trading is done.


When you buy an item that is worth a lot of money, you have a financial incentive to sell it and get paid back the money.


If you sell that item, you will have to pay back the difference.


This creates an incentive for others to sell your stock or stock options.


The seller then makes a profit from the sale of the stock or the option, or both.

The net result is that the stock market gains a lot.


This is called “overvaluation,” because the stock will rise or fall too much.


This incentive to overvaluate is called insider trading.


This can happen, for example, when the stock is going up and you buy it and it goes down a lot in the market, so you have to buy back at a higher price.


The more you buy and sell, the greater your incentive to make money.

The upside is that you get a lot more money than you lose because you got a better deal.


The downside is that it’s easy for people to get caught in this trap.

You can lose your money, lose your job, or even lose your life.


The government can punish you if you trade.

In some states, for instance, if you buy a stock with an insider who sells it at a loss, then the government can take the loss against you in the future.

That’s called insider selling.


This makes it easier for the government to find people who can pay back losses.

In states that do not require the insider trading, you can get fined up to $100,000 for each trade.


The penalties increase as the stock price rises.


The insider trading penalties are called insider gains.


It’s a lot easier to get your money back if you have enough money to cover losses.


If an insider loses $1,000,000 of his own money, the government will not take the $1 million, even though the insider is a major stockholder.

The SEC can take a big bite out of that loss.


If the insider gets into trouble, he can sue the government and have it refund the money he lost.


The federal government can make money on insider trading by paying commissions to stock brokers, so that the brokers are able to make more money selling to the public.


Insider trading is a serious problem in the securities market.

In 2011, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged that the SEC made millions of dollars by not cracking down on insider fraud.

It found that some traders made illegal bets, and the SEC was fined $100 million.


The problem is even more serious in the stock markets.

There are hundreds of millions of shares out there that are not publicly traded.


Many of these are not traded at all.

They’re listed in private hands.

Some of them have been traded in the past by people who don’t know how to manage a stock.

They don’t understand the value of the company.

And some of them aren’t even listed on a stock exchange.

The market isn’t functioning properly.

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