Afterhours trading is what it sounds like: electronic trading in stocks.

At a new trading space on the ground floor of a downtown Vancouver office building, people in their early 20s can make short-term trades on their smartphones and use the company’s electronic trading system to place their orders.

There are two floors of the space, where there are desks and a computer that runs the trading software, but on the first floor, the trading floor, they are using the electronic system to trade in their real estate contracts.

There is a big difference between the two types of trading.

A lot of people who trade in stocks don’t necessarily need to have an account with an agency like EFX.

They just want to trade a short- or medium-term contract, or put money into a bank account.

And they can just use the computer to set the price.

Traders also don’t need to be in a specific jurisdiction.

You can trade anywhere in the world, including Canada.

There’s no need to worry about getting a foreign exchange licence, and the trading system is free of any kind of restrictions.

Trading is a very efficient way to trade the stocks in Vancouver, says Stephen Hildreth, who is managing director of EFX Trading Services.

“The fact that they can do it so easily with the electronic platform is really impressive.”

Hildroth is an executive vice-president at the real estate firm, which specializes in long-term rentals, but the office building is just the first stop on a five-year journey that has taken Hildrey, his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, all in their 20s, from New York City to Vancouver, where they rent a small house.

They started by moving into an apartment in a building with two other family members.

Their son, Justin, and daughter, Olivia, lived in an apartment near the office.

The children, now 18 and 19, are now living with their parents.

Jennifer Hildrerts are also in their late 20s and early 30s, and she started her own real estate company.

It was during this time that she met Hildery and began working with him.

“It was like I was a new person,” says Jennifer.

“I was just kind of learning everything.

I was working in marketing and then I started going to the realtor and asking questions.

It’s like learning all the different parts of real estate, from building to unit, floor to floor.

I got really good at it.”

Jennifer says that the office she rented was a bit different than the one her family owned.

“We didn’t have any kitchens, we had a kitchen on the second floor, and I could just cook and eat,” she says.

“So it was really like living in a small, one-bedroom apartment.”

Jennifer and her husband, Stephen, have been buying homes in Vancouver since the 1980s.

She says the first time she bought a home was in 1996, after Stephen got a job at a real estate brokerage in the city.

She bought a three-bedroom, two-bath home in the Lower Mainland, and it quickly became her home.

“When I moved in, it was just me and Stephen,” she recalls.

“There were about seven other people living there.

And when we got a property tax increase in 1997, I just had to move out.”

They moved into a two-bedroom one-bath unit, and they spent two years renovating the home.

They were able to sell the place to a local realtor, who turned the property into a condo, which Jennifer and Stephen have owned for almost a decade.

“That was our first home,” Jennifer says.

She and her family have lived in Vancouver for a decade, but it wasn’t until she was a single mother that she decided to move back to the city, to pursue her education and take her son to school.

“If you are single, you don’t get to move anywhere, so I just did what I felt like I had to do to stay where I am,” she explains.

She is still living in Vancouver.

Hildreys family has been buying houses in Vancouver ever since.

In addition to their daughter, who has a degree in architecture, they have three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Jennifer says she and Stephen haven’t had any problems with anyone at the office, including other families who live nearby.

“As far as the realtors, they all do a great job,” she adds.

“They know how to work with us, and that’s really the way we work with them.”

The family has also moved to a condo in downtown Vancouver, and Jennifer says the condo offers a lot of different living spaces.

“You can have a little bit of a kitchen, a little little bit more, you can have more

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